ABIETIV - For Control of the Balsam Fir Sawfly

Neodiprion abietis NPV (NeabNPV) is a naturally occurring biocontrol agent isolated from sawfly populations in Newfoundland, Canada. The virus causes a lethal disease when ingested by feeding Balsam Fir Sawlfies.


The balsam fir sawfly (Neodiprion abietis) is a native sawfly species that occurs throughout North America. Its larvae are a significant defoliating pest befalling pre-commercially thinned balsam fir (Abies balsamea). Damage caused to the tree is defoliation, reduced vigour and growth and tree mortality.


NeabNPV is applied to forest stands to effectively decrease populations of balsam fir sawfly and thereby minimize feeding damage particularly on silviculture and balsam fir stands.


NeabNPV is registered for use in Canada and is applied by aerial spraying and as with all baculoviridae, only the target species is affected.



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