At Sylvar Technologies Inc., we offer environmentally safe and efficacious products for Integrated Pest Management Programs in Canada and in forestry in the USA. Our company's main focus is the production and commercialization of baculovirus products. Our goal is to become the leader in baculovirus production and commercialization for pest control in the markets in North America. Our aim is to put our products at the disposal of the end-user to facilitate healthful crops, healthy forests and a healthy environment. 


Jeremy Seymour

Production Manager

Sales Forestry Products

Colin Smith

Marketing Director

Laura Forbes

International Sales and Regulatory Director

Sarah Murch

Research Officer

Dawn Slocum

Office Manager

Joel Dixon

Laboratory Technician

Adam Sipkema

Laboratory Technician

Adrian Thurston

Laboratory Technician

Alec Baird

Laboratory Technician

Keri Forward

Research Technician

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