LOOPEX - For Control of the Cabbage Looper

Loopex is an insecticidal virus for the control of cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni) on vegetables. It kills the larvae by ingestion and has an additional long-term effect on pest population reduction. Loopex is a valuable resistance management tool that can be included in any integrated pest management program (IPM), especially for the control of insecticide resistant populations.


  • While Loopex effectively infects and kills young larvae of Trichoplusia ni, the virus is also lethal for older larval instars in the long term.

  • AcNPV is a naturally occurring insecticidal virus and is harmless to beneficial insects, bees and other non-target organisms.

  • Loopex offers more flexibility for the crop producers. The active substance is not included in the residue tolerance lists for crops grown for export.

  • AcNPV offers a different mode of action, which can be an important mean to avoid and/or break resistances.


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