Sylvar Technologies Inc. in partnership with Andermatt Biocontrol and Abitep Gmbh are proud to announce the official registration and Canadian release of Rhizovital® 42. Rhizovital is a bio-stimulant containing living spores of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a non-pathogenic microorganism that is naturally occurring in soil. Rhizovital works by helping plants build stronger and healthier roots, through the development of a larger rhizosphere. For this reason, Rhizovital® 42 increases plant growth and promotes a higher yield.

Rhizovital® 42 is a plant’s best insurance policy and therefore should be applied in a preventative manner. The application of this product is highly recommended on any crop and boasts excellent mix-ability with most other crop protection products and fertilizers, thus facilitating a wide range of combinations for most application processes. The product can be applied using a variety of different application methods including:

  • Seed treatment

  • Root dipping

  • Mixing into soils

  • Drenching or spray on soil surfaces

  • Injection into hydroponic systems

  • In combination with other pesticides and fertilizers

Product Advantages

  • Increases crop yield

  • Improves root growth and nutrient mobilization

  • Mixable with many fertilizers and plant protection products

  • Complements the conventional production strategies

  • Easy to store and apply

  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production

Rhizovital® 42 is now available for purchase in Canada. Please contact Sylvar Technologies Inc. for more detailed product and purchase information. (506)-444-5690

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