Introducing LOOPEX FC, a biological for controlling cabbage looper in field vegetable crops

Sylvar Technologies Inc would like to introduce Canadian Vegetable Growers to a new mode of action in their quest to control cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni) in their field vegetable crops.

Cabbage looper can be a very destructive pest arriving to grower’s fields from midsummer to fall. Growers will often combat 1-2 generations of this pest in a growing season. After adult moth lay eggs, the hatched larva begin feeding on the foliage thru their 5 instar over 2-3 weeks.

LOOPEX FC is a baculovirus, a naturally occurring virus that is lethal to cabbage looper larva. LOOPEX FC baculovirus has been selected to infect and kill Cabbage Looper larva before they can inflict serious on a crop. LOOPEX FC targets only Cabbage Looper and is safe on beneficials and pollinators in the crop. Infection of the larva is from ingestion of the LOOPEX FC. LOOPEX FC multiples in the larva body causing death. The dead larva is liquified and releases more of the lethal infection into the Cabbage Looper population.

LOOPEX FC provides a unique mode of action as a tank mix or rotational partner as part of a planned IRM program. The formulation of LOOPEX FC is compatible with most insecticide or fungicide products currently utilized by growers.

Sylvar Technologies Inc is a member of Andermatt Biocontrol, a leading developer of biological solutions globally. Based in New Brunswick, Sylvar is actively developing biological products for insect and disease control in agriculture and forestry markets.

For additional information on LOOPEX FC and its’ unique mode of action please contact:

SYLVAR Technologies Inc.

1350 Regent Street

Fredericton, N.B.


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