A Unique Soybean Inoculant Now Available!

Rootwin Plus-S has recently been granted registration in Canada. The approval was obtained from the Canadian authorities by Sylvar Technologies Inc. Rootwin Plus-S is a combination of a Bradyrhizobium spp. and a Trichoderma spp., specifically to aid the soybean crop with rhizobium nodulation and to stimulate a healthy root system.

The soybean crop is one of the most economically important crops worldwide. The soybean provides significant amounts of dietary nutrients and it is also used in industrial applications. One of the major contributing factors to yielding a large soybean crop is the crops ability to fixate nitrogen. An alternative to using the high-cost N-fertilizer is to use symbiotic bacteria called Rhizobia which fix atmospheric nitrogen and enable the plant to use this source of nitrogen. The unique formulation of Rootwin Plus-S offers a high concentration of bacterial cells within a protective capsule giving the product a natural sticking ability for seed treatments. Rootwin Plus-S in manufactured in South Africa by Plant Health Products and has been utilized since 2013. For Canadian Rootwin Plus-S inquiries please contact Sylvar Technologies at 506-444-5690 or email info@sylvar.ca

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