THYMOVAR as an Organic Input approved by ECOCERT

Sylvar would like to inform Canadian beekeepers that THYMOVAR has been approved as an organic input by ECOCERT. THYMOVAR is a natural sourced product to control Varroa mites in bees. Varroa mites are one of the key causes of premature beehive deaths. By utilizing thymol, control rates of up to 98% have been achieved leading to prolonged hive health and honey production. THYMOVAR utilizes a small wafer with thymol that releases the vapour that is lethal to the varroa mite but not the bee. THYMOVAR can be used in conventional or organic production systems and is an important part of a insect resistance management program when used in rotation with registered chemical products.

ECOCERT is one of the lead certifying bodies that verify products like THYMOVAR meet the standards to be listed as a Organic Input, and also certify producers as organic.

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